Monday, May 31, 2010

Natick one of 35 towns designated as "Green Communities"


35 cities and towns across the state are ranked as clean energy leaders, eligible for municipal renewable power and energy efficiency grants

HOPKINTON – Tuesday, May 25, 2010 – Governor Deval Patrick today designated 35 cities and towns from the Berkshires to Cape Cod as the Commonwealth's first official "Green Communities" - a status that makes them eligible for $8.1 million in grants for local renewable power and energy efficiency projects. The projects promise to create green jobs and advance both municipal and state clean energy goals.

"I am pleased to honor the vision and hard work of our first group of official Green Communities," said Governor Patrick. "These pioneers are notable not only for their commitment to a cleaner, greener Massachusetts, but also for their diversity. From tiny towns to major cities and suburbs in all regions of the state, Massachusetts communities recognize the benefits, for the economy as well as the environment, of making clean energy choices."

"It's great to see so many communities dedicated to saving energy, making new construction as energy efficient as possible, and accommodating clean energy investment and jobs in support of a stronger, more sustainable future for Massachusetts," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray.

“Taking the initiative to make the changes necessary to promote energy efficiency and encourage renewable energy is critical to a community’s future both environmentally and economically. The cities and towns designated ‘Green Communities’ have taken this challenge seriously and succeeded in their efforts. They are examples I hope that other communities across the commonwealth will follow,” said Senate President Therese Murray.

The signature program of the landmark Green Communities Act of 2008, the Department of Energy Resources' (DOER) Green Communities Grant Program uses funding from auctions of carbon emissions permits under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to reward communities that win Green Communities designation by meeting five clean energy benchmarks:

•Adopting local zoning bylaw or ordinance that allows "as-of-right-siting" of renewable energy projects;

•Adopting an expedited permitting process related to the as-of-right facilities;

•Establishing a municipal energy use baseline and a program designed to reduce use by 20 percent within five years;

•Purchasing only fuel-efficient vehicles for municipal use, whenever such vehicles are commercially available and practicable; and

•Requiring all new residential construction over 3,000 square feet and all new commercial and industrial real estate construction to reduce lifecycle energy costs (i.e., adoption of an energy-saving building "stretch code").

May 14 was the deadline for municipalities to apply for Green Community designation in order to qualify for the first round of $8.1 million in Green Communities grants. Today's Green Communities designees - Acton, Arlington, Athol, Andover, Becket, Belchertown, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Easthampton, Greenfield, Hamilton, Hanover, Holyoke, Hopkinton, Kingston, Lancaster, Lenox, Lexington, Lincoln, Lowell, Mashpee, Medford, Melrose, Montague, Natick, Newton, Northampton, Palmer, Pittsfield, Salem, Springfield, Sudbury, Tyngsboro, Wenham, and Worcester - have until June 4 to submit applications for grants that will be awarded in late June.

"These 35 cities and towns have already distinguished themselves as leaders," said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles. "With the help of Green Communities grant funding, they'll be able to go further - saving energy costs for their residents, reducing the environmental impact of municipal operations, and validating the Commonwealth's reputation as a national clean energy leader."

"We are confident that these 35 municipalities - and the projects they will undertake with Green Communities grants - will serve as shining examples to the Commonwealth's other 316 cities and towns, all of which we hope will also work toward becoming Green Communities and reaching their clean energy goals in the months ahead," said DOER Commissioner Phil Giudice.

In addition to grant eligibility, each Green Community designated today will receive a Big Belly solar waste compactor, to be delivered by June 30 in time for the summer parks and beaches season. Purchased with DOER energy efficiency funding, Big Belly compactors can hold several times more trash and litter than similarly sized regular trash receptacles - thereby reducing the number of garbage truck trips required to empty them. Each municipality will also receive a certificate from the Commonwealth congratulating it on becoming an official Green Community.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day to Remember in Natick

For most of us, Memorial Day 2010 Natick marks the beginning of a season of summer fun. But don’t let the real meaning of the holiday get lost amidst the barbecues and beach sand. Memorial Day – originally called “Decoration Day” – unofficially began in 1865 as a way to honor fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War. In fact, because of lingering resentment over the war, many Southern states did not observe the holiday until after World War I (they opted for their own Confederate Memorial Day). Memorial Day has since became an occasion to honor fallen soldiers from all wars after WWI. You can find a listing of all those from Natick who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Honor them with the traditions of this special holiday:

- Fly the flag at half-staff from dawn until noon, local time.

- Participate in a national “moment of remembrance,” which occurs at 3PM, Washington DC time.

- Place flags on the graves of war dead.
- Donate your old cellphones to help our military stay in touch with loved ones at home.

- Alternately, you can donate calling cards for service members at Operation Uplink.

- Let those who are currently serving know they’re appreciated; Operation USO Care Package lets you sponsor a gift box containing needed and requested items for a service member overseas.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Massachusetts Drivers ARE NOT the worst drivers in America

Worst drivers in America by state

Jonathan Berr

May 27th 2010 at 12:00AMText SizeAAAFiled under: Insurance, Transportation, Insurance - Car Insurance

Whenever I ride in a taxi in New York City, I marvel at the intestinal fortitude of the drivers who navigate pedestrians, potholes and other drivers who seem to have learned how to drive via a video game. And, according to a recent survey of driver knowledge by GMAC Insurance, it turns out that the awe these drivers inspire is justified.

GMAC's sixth annual survey quizzed more than 5,200 licensed Americans from across the country on their driving knowledge and New York drivers fared the worst for the second year in a row, with an average score of 70 percent. That's more than six percentage points below the national average score of 76.2 percent. New Jersey residents shouldn't laugh too loudly at their neighbor's expense. Garden State drivers finished second to last. Kansas, on the other hand, proved to be the best place to drive with a score of 82.3 percent. Oregon, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska drivers were also among the best performers on the survey.

Overall, though, the findings were pretty dismal. The study found that "nearly 1 in 5 licensed drivers -- roughly 38 million Americans -- would not pass a written drivers test exam if taken today." A whopping 85 percent could not identify the correct action to take when approaching a steady yellow traffic light (hint: it involves the brake pedal). Many drivers also remained uncertain about safe following distances.

**** Are You a Smart Driver? -- Take Test and Find Out ****

Nationally, the average score slipped from 76.2 percent from 76.6 percent. "When analyzed regionally, the results reveal that drivers in the Northeast may not be as road-rule savvy as their Midwestern counterparts," according to GMAC's press release. "The Northeast had the lowest average test scores (74.9 percent) and had the highest failure rate (25.1 percent). The Midwest region had the highest average test scores (77.5 percent) and the lowest failure rates (11.9 percent)."

Some other notable trends: Older drivers outperformed younger ones and men did better on the test than women but also flunked it at a higher rate. One-in-four drivers admitted that they did "distracting behaviors" such as selecting music on their iPhones, applying make-up or reading, though only 5 percent admitted to text-ing while driving.

The results are similar to GMAC's finding over the past six years that it has conducted the survey. Wade Bontrager, senior vice president of GMAC Insurance, is not sure why there is such a disparity in results but does have some theories. He believes drivers in large, urban areas fare worse than their counterparts in rural areas because they must contend with more distractions and they don't drive as often because they rely more heavily on public transportation. Nevertheless, he doesn't think these factors should be used as an excuse.

"There is knowing the rules of the road, and there is obeying the rules of the road," he says.

2010 GMAC Insurance Driver's Test Results
(Ranked in order of worst drivers by state to best drivers by state)

Scoring is from 1 to 100 on a 20 question test.

1. (WORST) New York - 70.0

2. New Jersey - 70.5

3. Dist. of Columbia - 71.9

4. California - 73.3

5. Rhode Island - 73.8

6. Louisiana - 74.1

7. West Virginia - 74.8

7. Hawaii - 74.8

9. New Hampshire - 74.9

9. Kentucky - 74.9

11. Florida - 75.2

12. Mississippi - 75.6

13. Pennsylvania - 75.8

13. Massachusetts - 75.8

15. North Carolina - 75.9

15. Arkansas - 75.9

17. Texas - 76.0

18. Connecticut - 76.3

19. Illinois - 76.6

20. Georgia - 76.7

21. Alabama - 77.1

22. South Carolina - 77.2

23. New Mexico - 77.3

24. Virginia - 77.5

24. Ohio - 77.5

26. Maine - 77.6

26. Delaware - 77.6

28. Colorado - 77.8

29. Utah- 77.9

30. Vermont - 78.1

30. Nevada - 78.1

32. Maryland - 78.2

33. Tennessee - 78.3

34. Wyoming - 78.4

35. Arizona - 78.5

36. Missouri - 78.8

37. Michigan - 79.0

38. North Dakota - 79.1

39. Oklahoma - 79.3

40. Wisconsin - 79.4

40. Washington - 79.4

42. Alaska - 79.8

43. Montana - 80.0

44. Idaho - 80.1

45. Indiana - 80.4

46. Nebraska - 80.5

47. Iowa - 80.8

48. Minnesota - 81.1

49. South Dakota - 81.2

50. Oregon - 82.1

51. (BEST) Kansas 82.3

Drive carefully this Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Natick Real Estate - The Sherwood Neighborhood

The Sherwood neighborhood was built in the 1950's.  It is boarded by Lake Cotichuate, Route 9 and Mill Street.  The area is know for it's "Sherwood Colonial":
The standard Sherwood Colonial (above) is a 3 Bedroom 1 Bath home with a front to back Living Room, a Galley Kitchen, a Dining Room, Garage and Basement.  Peculiar to the Sherwood Colonial is the 3rd bedroom has it's closet outside of the bedroom. 

Over the years many of the original Serwood Colonials have been renovated, updated and made larger.  Above is an example of a very nice renovation which added considerable square footage and functionality.  Renovation of Sherwood Colonials is very common, whether it is a finished basement, additional bathroom, Family Room addition, whatever, because this is a very popular neighborhood. The area is populated mostly by families with children so there is no shortage of kids to play with.

Sherwood is within walking distance of the Brown Elementary School and the Kennedy Middle School.  It is also within walking distance of a Temple, Catholic Church and a Protestant Church.

It's location makes it an excellent commuter location.  Easy acess to Route 9 and the Mass Pike.  For those of you who enjoy walking it is not an unreasonable walk to the West Natick Train Station. 

Last but not least is it's proximity to the Natick Collection.  The Natick Collection with it's great stores and resturants is only minutes away, you could probably walk but you probably want to drive so you can carry all those purchases.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Natick Real Estate - Last 30 day Sales

Below are the Closed Real Estate Sales for Single Family Homes in Natick over the past 30 days; 

MLS #     Status      Address              Description                                Asking Price       Sale Price

71040736 SLD 31 Pinehurst Ave. Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 1 bath Cottage     $244,900     $236,000

71039926 SLD 164 Boden Ln Natick, MA 8 room, 3 bed, 1.5 bath Ranch         $269,900      $250,000

71056110 SLD 247 Speen St Natick, MA 5 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Bungalo           $284,900      $285,000

71043425 SLD 5 Shore Road Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Cape               $299,900     $299,900

71050376 SLD 20 Richard Road Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 1.5 bath Ranch      $319,900     $320,000

71038468 SLD 17 Terrane Avenue Natick, MA :  7 room, 3 bed, 1 bath             $331,000      $331,000

71049229 SLD 5 Wilogreen Rd Natick, MA 5 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Cape            $338,900      $325,000

71050365 SLD 17 Wethersfield Rd Natick, MA 8 room, 3 bed, 2 bath Ranch     $339,500      $335,000

71038158 SLD 25 Loker Street Natick, MA :  7 room, 3 bed, 2 bath                   $349,000     $335,000

71030733 SLD 55 Hartford St Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Cape              $359,900      $355,000

71018931 SLD 14 Dwight Ave Natick, MA 8 room, 4 bed, 2 bath Ranch            $359,900      $340,000

71048772 SLD 47 Upland Rd Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2 bath Cape               $359,900      $372,500

71043862 SLD 142 Mill St Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Raised Ranch    $365,000      $364,500

71038753 SLD 17 Mark Street Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Split Entry   $365,000      $353,000

71035853 SLD 1 Colburn St Natick, MA 8 room, 3 bed, 1.5 bath Split Entry       $369,000      $361,000

71036987 SLD 45 Beverly Road Natick, MA 7 room, 4 bed, 1 bath Ranch          $375,000      $375,000

71023470 SLD 20 Cottage Street Natick, MA 10 room, 5 bed, 2.5 bath Victor    $375,000      $355,000

71028586 SLD 4 Lyman St Natick, MA 8 room, 4 bed, 3 bath Ranch                   $399,750      $385,000

71038213 SLD 9 Woodland Street Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 1.5 bath Colonial $399,900       $397,500

71012715 SLD 3 Crescent St. Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 2 bath Cape               $449,000        $440,000

71046021 SLD 69 Rathbun Rd Natick, MA : 11 room, 4 bed, 3 bath                   $459,000        $462,000

71036030 SLD 22 Franconia Ave Natick, MA 8 room, 4 bed, 2 bath Cape          $519,900        $520,000

71017461 SLD 107 North Main Street Natick, MA :  8 room, 4 bed, 2.5              $525,000       $495,000

71024317 SLD 43 W. Central Street Natick, MA 10 room, 4 bed, 1.5 bath Col    $535,000       $500,000

71060120 SLD 7 Aqueduct Road Natick, MA :  10 room, 4 bed, 3 bath Split        $549,500       $561,000

71027156 SLD 15 Eastleigh Lane Natick, MA 8 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial     $629,900      $630,000

70981422 SLD 6 Border Road Natick, MA 9 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial         $679,000      $635,000

71049397 SLD 14 Eliot Hill Road Natick, MA : South Natick 8 room, 4 bed, 3.5   $749,000      $720,000

71060250 SLD 3 Algonquian Drive Natick, MA : 11 room, 4 bed, 3.5 bath             $899,900     $875,000

71047718 SLD 43 Algonquian Dr Natick, MA 11 room, 5 bed, 3.5 bath Colonial   $959,000      $935,000

71041413 SLD 7 Deer Path Natick, MA 12 room, 5 bed, 4 full, 2 half bath Col       $999,900     $950,000

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Natick - Did You Know.....

......that the Morse Library (14 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760 phone:508-647-6520) has a variety of classes.  Below is a list of just a few. 
Events Calendar

Thursday, May 20th

Learn English Class - Beginners,Intermediates
when:6:30pm, Natick, MA
venue:Morse Institute Library

Friday, May 21st

Learn English Class - Intermediates
when:10:30am, Natick, MA
venue:Morse Institute Library

Saturday, May 22nd

Computer Class - Basic Internet
when:10:00am, Natick, MA
venue:Morse Institute Library

Learn English Class - Beginners,Intermediates
when:11:30am, Natick, MA
venue:Morse Institute Library

Tuesday, May 25th

Learn English Class - Intermediates,Advanced
when:6:30pm, Natick, MA
venue:Morse Institute Library

Visit the Morse Library website for additional information and event;

453 Harvard Road, Bolton, MA | Powered by Postlets

453 Harvard Road, Bolton, MA Powered by Postlets

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

South Natick - Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Discover a new birding spot!

Date: Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time: 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM
Venue: Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary
Address: 280 Eliot St (Rt 16) Natick

Discover a new birding spot! Join Peter Gaines to explore the hidden wonders of Vine Lake Cemetery in Medfield. Cemeteries can be wonderful birding locales with wide walking paths, mature plantings and great views. Watch for a variety of birds including returning warblers, swallows and flycatchers. Join Peter after the walk for an optional wrap-up of bagels and coffee at Blue Moon Bagel Café (bagels not included). Come for one or more. Pre-registration required.

Cost: Adults $12.00 member/ $15.00 non-member
Registration is required.

Register by phone: with a credit card by calling 508-655-2296.

For more information:

280 Eliot Street
Natick, MA 01760

Friday, May 14, 2010

Natick Open Houses Sunday May 16th

To get more detail information about these Open House visit MLS Search and input the MLS Number.

Single Family Listings

71067442 ACT 51 Washington Avenue Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Colonialx15 25 $322,900

71072337 ACT 12 School Street Ext Natick, MA 8 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Other (See Remarks)x12 16 $329,900

71073612 ACT 230 Bacon Street Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Ranchx16 16 $345,000

71054929 ACT 20 Oakridge Ave Natick, MA 7 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Capex18 46 $349,000

71074656 ACT 45 Harvard Street Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Colonialx16 11 $349,900

71051115 PCG 11 Wellesley Ave Natick, MA : West Natick 8 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Colonialx12 53 $379,900

71060338 PCG 13 Hampton Rd Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Colonialx11 37 $390,000

71061957 ACT 178 South Main Street Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Bungalowx15 36 $399,900

71065985 ACT 9 Leland Rd Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2 bath Capex11 28 $409,000

71074762 PCG 7 Winter Street Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 1.5 bath Colonialx16 21 $424,900

71043812 ACT 1 Lamplight Circle Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Split Entryx26 67 $425,000

71063909 ACT 179 Hartford Street Natick, MA 8 room, 4 bed, 2 bath Colonialx25 31 $438,800

71063490 ACT 3 Rockland Ter Natick, MA : South Natick 7 room, 3 bed, 2 bath Raised Ranchx23 32 $450,000

71072004 ACT 201 E Central St Natick, MA 8 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Capex14 17 $450,000

71071186 ACT 3 Melody Way Natick, MA : West Natick 7 room, 4 bed, 2 bath Capex17 18 $474,900

71080461 NEW 17 Rockwood Rd Natick, MA : South Natick 8 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Split Entryx7 1 $495,000

71056946 ACT 169 Union Street U:A Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Contemporaryx10 43 $495,000

71070617 PCG 5 TAMARACK ROAD Natick, MA 12 room, 5 bed, 2.5 bath Split Entryx24 20 $529,900

71041870 PCG 2 Grist Mill Ln Natick, MA 8 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Ranchx7 71 $549,000

71048045 ACT 8 Fiske Ln Natick, MA 8 room, 3 bed, 3 bath Capex26 45 $549,900

71046380 ACT 24 Eliot Street Natick, MA : South Natick 9 room, 3 bed, 1.5 bath Colonialx28 63 $565,000

70912063 ACT 10 River Street U:2 Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Colonialx25 378 $619,000

71080219 NEW 108 Union St Natick, MA : South Natick 9 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Colonialx21 1 $639,900

71071072 ACT 9 Countryside Road Natick, MA 8 room, 4 bed, 3.5 bath Colonialx6 18 $649,000

71080875 NEW 40 Upland Road Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Colonialx28 0 $649,900

71080465 NEW 18 FARM HILL RD Natick, MA : South Natick 11 room, 5 bed, 3.5 bath Contemporaryx11 1 $819,000

71077543 ACT 34 Winter St Natick, MA 10 room, 5 bed, 3 bath Colonialx16 6 $860,000

71046411 ACT 35 Pheasant Hollow Rd Natick, MA 11 room, 5 bed, 2.5 bath Colonialx5 63 $879,900

71067327 ACT 6 Indian Ridge Way Natick, MA : South Natick 11 room, 5 bed, 3.5 bath Colonialx10 25 $893,000

70786570 ACT 0 HARVEST MOON DRIVE U:Lot 27A Natick, MA : South Natick 8 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial 681 $939,990

71075710 ACT 10 Phillips Pond Road U:10 Natick, MA : South Natick 9 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial 184 $959,000

71078803 NEW 41 Algonquian Drive Natick, MA 9 room, 4 bed, 2 full, 2 half bath Colonialx13 3 $959,000

71059279 ACT 1 Bailey Hill Rd Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Contemporaryx12 38 $995,000

70894555 ACT 2 Kylie Lane Natick, MA 9 room, 4 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial 412 $1,050,000

70964413 ACT 7 Harvest Moon Drive Natick, MA 13 room, 5 bed, 3 full, 2 half bath Colonialx15 226 $1,084,900

70894559 ACT 3 Kylie Lane Natick, MA 10 room, 4 bed, 3.5 bath Colonial 412 $1,199,000

70894560 ACT 4 Kylie Lane Natick, MA 10 room, 5 bed, 4 full, 2 half bath Other (See Remarks)x2 412 $1,779,000

Condominium Listings

71079614 NEW 36 Silver Hill Ln U:13 Natick, MA 4 room, 1 bed, 1 bath Gardenx14 3 $149,900

71077686 ACT 4 Post Oak Ln U:14 Natick, MA 4 room, 1 bed, 1 bath Gardenx14 7 $159,900

71073843 ACT 2 Post Oak U:3 Natick, MA : West Natick 4 room, 1 bed, 1 bath Gardenx8 14 $163,900

71080160 NEW 2 Post Oak Ln U:4 Natick, MA : West Natick 4 room, 1 bed, 1 bath Gardenx15 2 $165,900

71064679 PCG 14 Village Green Lane U:6 Natick, MA : West Natick 5 room, 2 bed, 1 bath Gardenx21 30 $185,500

71062537 ACT 1 POST OAK LANE U:16 Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 1 bath Gardenx10 34 $212,800

71076749 ACT 2 Walden Dr U:5 Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 1 bath Gardenx20 8 $214,900

71038510 ACT 93 East Central U:22 Natick, MA 3 room, 1 bed, 1 bath Courtyardx5 77 $269,900

71076797 ACT 10 D St U:1 Natick, MA 5 room, 3 bed, 2 bath 2/3 Familyx30 8 $275,000

71005476 ACT 15 Church Street U:5 Natick, MA 4 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Mid-Risex15 162 $279,000

71065709 ACT 52 SOUTH MAIN STREET U:52 Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2.5 bath Townhousex5 29 $339,900

71059900 ACT 36 North Main Street U:6 Natick, MA 6 room, 2 bed, 2.5 bath Townhousex9 36 $449,000

71018385 ACT 20 South Avenue U:101C Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Mid-Risex7 270 $469,000

71035012 ACT 40 N Main St U:1 Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2.5 bath Townhousex15 84 $479,500

71056948 ACT 169 Union Street U:A Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Townhousex10 341 $495,000

71018396 ACT 20 South Avenue U:201C Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Mid-Risex2 121 $499,000

71018407 ACT 20 South Avenue U:202C Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Mid-Risex3 121 $499,000

71018419 ACT 20 South Avenue U:207C Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Mid-Risex3 308 $499,000

71018436 ACT 20 South Avenue U:208C Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Mid-Risex3 121 $499,000

71069276 ACT 93 East Central Street U:19 Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2.5 bath Townhousex3 22 $499,000

71069279 ACT 93 East Central U:5 Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 2.5 bath Townhousex3 22 $529,000

71033848 ACT 58 N. Main Street U:403 Natick, MA 6 room, 2 bed, 2 bath Mid-Risex9 86 $549,000

71075711 ACT 10 Phillips Pond Road U:10 Natick, MA : South Natick 8 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Townhouse 184 $959,000

For Sale: 4BR/2+1BA Single Family House in Natick, MA, $639,900

For Sale: 4BR/2+1BA Single Family House in Natick, MA, $639,900

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Natick recommends small increase in water rates

By Charlie Breitrose/Daily News staff

The MetroWest Daily News

Posted May 11, 2010 @ 09:40 AM

NATICK — Town administration last night recommended keeping water rates next year at nearly the same level as this year, but selectmen will not decide until May 24 at the earliest.

The town has a tiered water rate system, with those using the lowest amount paying the least amount, those using the most paying more for their water.

Natick must cover a small increase in expenses, which would require a rate hike of nearly 1 percent, said Deputy Town Administrator Michael Walters Young.

Other options Walters Young presented included bringing the tiers closer together or adding more to the rates to build up the reserves in the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund.

Leveling the tiers would mean the lowest users would see an increase of up to 10 percent, and middle tiers would go up 3 to 5 percent, while the highest tier would see no increase.

Town officials also looked at increasing the rate by 4.5 percent to build up reserves, Walters Young said, which would then be used for maintaining the water/sewer system and to avoid a large price hike.

Ultimately, he said, they recommended the small increase because of the recession.

"While there is significant merit to building a reserve of 9 percent to 10 percent of the operational budget, we are keenly aware of the economy has not been good," Walters Young said.

Selectmen Chairman Josh Ostroff suggested to his colleagues that they at least consider leveling the tiers this year. "If we address the (leveling of) rates and tiers, it would be nice to do it this year rather than next year if we are facing rate increases," Ostroff said.

The possibility of rates jumping in the next few years, and by how much, is uncertain, Walters Young said. Some of the driving factors are maintenance and capital projects, the assessment charged by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, and the extra cost the MWRA will pass to the town to pay for repairing the recent break of the MWRA's main water pipe.

"One big wild card is the Weston catastrophe," Walters Young said.

Natick, he said, uses the MWRA sewer system but does not get water from the agency.

"Communities like Natick will argue that sewer-only communities should not have to pay any part of the repairs," Walters Young said.

Selectmen will continue the public hearing on the water and sewer rates at their next meeting on May 24.

(Charlie Breitrose can be reached at 508-626-3964 or

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Natick Collection (a.k.a. the Natick Mall)

Natick Collection, the largest mall in New England, is a world-class retail and restaurant destination with 200 of the finest retail stores; including the first Nordstrom in Massachusetts, the area’s only suburban Neiman Marcus, along with JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and Sears. We also feature a beautiful streetscape – the Promenade at Natick Collection – home to American Girl, California Pizza Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory and soon, a Crate & Barrel Home store. And we offer much more!

Natick Collection boasts breathtaking architecture - including the largest skylight in New England, new landscaping and plush soft seating areas, and the finest amenities conveniently located at our Guest Services Center near Nordstrom! With more than 7,000 parking spaces, including valet and premium parking, Natick Collection offers more parking options than any surrounding retail destination.

Conveniently located on Route 9 in Natick and easily accessible from the Mass Pike and I-95, Natick Collection is THE premier retail & dining destination in New England!


Natick Collection features the following services and amenities:


Car Wash

Children's Play Area

Copy/Fax Service

Family Restroom

Foreign Currency Exchange

High Speed Wireless Internet Access

Lost and Found

Mall Gift Cards

Nursing Lounge

Soft Seating Area

Stroller Rental


Transportation Schedules

Valet Parking

Wheelchair Rental


Natick Collection

1245 Worcester Street

Natick, Massachusetts 01760-1553

(508) 655-4800

Get Directions

Monday, May 10, 2010

Natick Historic Walk

date:Wednesday, May 12, 2010

venue:Natick Outdoor Store
address:38 North Avenue
Natick, MA 01760

The walk route highlights Natick's 350 plus years of history. One 5km wak showcases the Victorian homes of Natick's Walnut Hill and the campus of Walnut Hill School. It includes local institutions such as Tilly and Salvy's Bacon Street Farm and Caseys' Diner. The second loop incorporate's the downtown areas with its historic common and residential districts. The walk is rated easy, suitable for strollers but not for wheelchairs. The walk is sponsored by the Walk'nMass Volkssport Club. Ask for the walkbox at the Natick Outdoor Store.

Additional Dates

Wednesday, May 19th

Natick Historic Walk
when:May 19, 2010 All Day
where:38 North Avenue, Natick, MA
venue:Natick Outdoor Store

Wednesday, May 26th

Natick Historic Walk
when:May 26, 2010 All Day
where:38 North Avenue, Natick, MA
venue:Natick Outdoor Store

Wednesday, June 2nd

Natick Historic Walk
when:Jun 2, 2010 All Day
where:38 North Avenue, Natick, MA
venue:Natick Outdoor Store

Wednesday, June 9th

Natick Historic Walk
when:Jun 9, 2010 All Day
where:38 North Avenue, Natick, MA
venue:Natick Outdoor Store

Wednesday, June 16th

Natick Historic Walk
when:Jun 16, 2010 All Day
where:38 North Avenue, Natick, MA
venue:Natick Outdoor Store

Wednesday, June 23rd

Natick Historic Walk
when:Jun 23, 2010 All Day
where:38 North Avenue, Natick, MA
venue:Natick Outdoor Store

Wednesday, June 30th

Natick Historic Walk
when:Jun 30, 2010 All Day
where:38 North Avenue, Natick, MA

Friday, May 7, 2010





FREE Activities 12:00 — 3:00 pm

☺Obstacle Course ☺Mini - Golf Holes ☺Moonwalk

☺Fitness Preview ☺Martial Arts Demo ☺Slow Bike Race 2pm

More Info Contact:

508 647-6530

Scavenger Hunt10:00am - 2:00pm

Join the Natick Center Associates in a scavenger hunt exploring businesses located in downtown.

All participants that complete the hunt will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win.

Winners of the drawing will receive “Downtown Dollars”. These “dollars” can be redeemed at

participating stores in downtown Natick.

1st Prize - $150

2nd Prize - $100

3rd Prize - $50

Farmers Market & Crafters

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Plants, shrubs, baked goods, meats & art.


The Natick Rotary “Tour de Natick”, July 4th Committee, Natick Outdoor Store,

Advanced Chiropractic Services, Riverbend Nursing Home, Rebound Physical Therapy,

Council on Aging, Natick Board of Health/Medical Reserve Corp, & Natick Lions Club.

Natick Recreation and Parks

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Natick Foreclosures

There aren't many foreclosed properties in Natick, but there a few, and they generally are good deal for the buyer.

Single Family Listings

71065272 ACT 26 Charles Street Natick, MA 7 room, 3 bed, 1 bath Ranch $269,900

71073245 ACT 270 N MAIN ST Natick, MA 6 room, 3 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial $299,900

Condominium Listings

71071358 ACT 4 Winnemay St U:1 Natick, MA 5 room, 2 bed, 1 bath 2/3 Family $204,900

Contact me for additional information.  Ed Hughes,, 617-875-4132

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Natick School Committee Approves Budget

By Charlie Breitrose/Daily News staff

The MetroWest Daily News

Posted May 04, 2010 @ 10:05 AM

NATICK — School Committee members last night unanimously approved a budget that includes some job cuts, but not as many as they feared just a few weeks ago.

The $44 million fiscal 2011 budget being sent to the Finance Committee is $1.8 million more than fiscal 2010, a 4.4 percent increase, Superintendent Peter Sanchioni said.

The first draft of the budget included a $701,000 deficit, Sanchioni said, but the budget approved by the board shrank the gap to $268,000. A boost in state aid helped reduce the deficit by $512,000.

The money allowed several jobs to be put back into the budget, including a high school science teacher, four media assistants, a reading specialist and two library media assistants.

Some cuts will still be made, Sanchioni said, including two reading specialists, a building support facilitator at Wilson Middle School, and reduction in hours for the chorus teacher at Natick High.

School Committee member Anne Blanchard voiced worry that the cuts in staff may result in larger class sizes. Sanchioni said they would not go up.

The additional state aid came to Natick three weeks ago, but School Committee Chairman Dirk Coburn said just because Natick received it for fiscal 2011 that does not mean it will be available in fiscal 2012.

While around half the new state aid will be used to restore cuts, the other half will go into Natick's reserve account. Coburn said that was done to avoid a sharp funding drop.

"It is fair to say that some part of the funds are being used to turn a funding cliff into a funding slope," he said.

Besides restoring some jobs, $100,000 will go back into the special education circuit breaker account, which provides money for students who require the costliest services.

School Committee member Anne Zernicke said she is glad to see the money going into that account.

"I think it is a wise move to replenish the circuit breaker," she said.

While the budget is larger than fiscal 2010, Blanchard said Natick lost some state aid last year. School Committee member Amy Mistrot said the School Committee would be dealing with a much worse situation if the town had not approved a Proposition 2 1/2 override two years ago.

"I want to thank the public for passing the operational override," Mistrot said. "The cuts we are dealing with are miniscule compared to what we would be making without it."

(Charlie Breitrose can be reached at 508-626-3964 or

Monday, May 3, 2010

Route 9 Natick Paving Project

By Jessica Rudis, Town Correspondent

State transportation officials told residents of Framingham and Natick
that they would be trying to minimize delays and disruptions from a $12.4 million
resurfacing and upgrading project on Route 9 that moves forward starting next week.
At a public meeting in Framingham Town Hall the officials said that the
Massachusetts Department of Transportation has launched a Web site that will post
weekly updates on the project to inform residents and drivers of traffic and
construction developments.

State offiicials said the repaving project will cover nearly 8 miles from Walnut Street
in Natick to the Framingham/Southborough line. It will also involve ramps at Route
27 in Natick and Route 126 in Framingham.

In addition to repaving, the project includes improvements for pedestrians and
bicyclists, safety upgrades and drainage work.

The project begins this week with the start of drainage system upgrades on Route 9
between Main Street and Ring Road in Framingham.Work on a second phase of the
project running fromWheeler Avenue in Framingham to the
Southborough/Framingham town line will start May 9, and a third phase from Ring
Road in Framingham toWalnut Street in Natick.will begin June 1.

The pace of the work will depend on the weather but most of it should be completed
by November when the project will be suspended for the winter. It should be finished
by June 2011.

The project work week will begin Sunday night and run five overnight shifts from 8
or 9 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.. A sixth shift starts at 10 p.m. Friday and ends at 7 Saturday

At the meeting residents from the two towns expressed concerns about the project,
saying they were worried about the light and loud noises from the construction area,
which will on some nights be located near their homes.

Kathie McCarthy of Framingham said she lives near the Massachusetts Turnpike and
she recalled that construction there was disruptive. She worried about the impact on
people living near Route 9.

" I know even when they did the (Mass) Pike - I’m actually an abutter to that area -
and it was loud and the lights, you had an awful lot of overflow,'' said McCarthy. "and
I am concerned with those right on Route 9 because you’ll be basically in their living
room with the lights and the sound, "

D. Scott Bennett, the project manager and general superintendent, said the project
will move in phases, minimizing the impact on individual homes.
“It’s not like we’re going to be sitting in front of somebody’s house for three weeks
with a jackhammer,”said Bennett.“We’ll never close the road, but there will be lane

Bennett added that, although all of the work will be overnight to minimize traffic
disruptions, there is nothing to prevent residents from seeing and hearing the project
as the workers mill and repave the roads nightly

Bennett said the sound coming from the construction area will not be that bad for
neighbors. The light is necessary for the safety of the construction workers and is
unavoidable, he said.

All work on the project will end temporarily on Nov. 19, 2010 so drivers can get
through the area for holiday shopping. The project will start up again in April 2011.
John Romano, a DOT municipal affairs liason, said his department will update the
Web site every week with traffic updates and new information about the project.

The project is being funded with federal stimulus money, and is a priority of Gov.
Deval Patrick’s, according to Colin Durrant of the Mass DOT.