Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Natick - Casey's Diner

I was horrified this morning when I read a story in the Boston Globe titled "Where to get a hot dog without any frills".

There was no mention of Casey's Diner in Natick.  Casey's not only has the best hot dogs in the state with "no frills" but they have character. The diner has been around since 1922.  It was originally pulled around town by a horse.  It then took up a permanent location on Washington Street.  Some years back as the town was being "re-built" they relocated to South Avenue, their current address.

I grew up in Natick eating Casey hot dogs, even when I moved out of town for a period I always made an effort to get back to Casey's.

This diner is still owned and operated by the Casey family.  If you want a great Hot Dog, this is the place to go.  They also do excellent burgers and sandwichs....and what would a Diner be without pie, always fresh.

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