Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tips for Homeowners in the Path of an Approaching Storm

RISMEDIA, September 2, 2010--With the possibility that Hurricane Earl may strike the Eastern Seaboard, the Private Client Group division of Chartis is reminding homeowners that advance planning can make the difference between minor damage and catastrophic property loss. Private Client Group insures owners of large, complex residences as part of its property/casualty program for high-net-worth families, yet all homeowners can benefit from these practical tips to help minimize damage:

When a Hurricane Is Forecast for Your Area
1. Install storm shutters and secure your garage door.
2. Move personal possessions to the center of your home, away from windows
and doors. Elevate your belongings as much as possible in case water pools on the floor around windows and doors.
3. Remove window treatments from windows and French doors. In the event draperies cannot be removed, elevate or secure/encase the lower portion of drapes in plastic.
4. Roll up area rugs and move them to the center of your home. Elevate them if possible.
5. Place towels at the base of terrace doors.
6. Remove all patio furniture from your yard or terrace, and store it in your garage or house. Remove potted plants, lawn ornaments and sculptures and store them indoors.
7. Fill the fuel supply for your back-up electrical generator. Test the generator under load to ensure it is functioning properly.
8. Place important documents, i.e. insurance policies, bank account information, credit card information, important contact numbers, etc. in a plastic container to ensure their availability after the storm passes.

After a Hurricane
1. If you discover water in your home, contact a restoration company immediately to begin the water extraction process.
2. Run the air conditioner to dehumidify your home.
3. Remove any wet items and store them in the garage, if possible.
4. Call your insurance agent or broker to report any damage.

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