Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10 Ways to Say Thank You this Veterans Day

RISMEDIA, November 9, 2010--More than 20 million veterans currently live in the United States. Although their military experiences cross decades and continents, one thing remains constant: Their service deserves our honor, recognition and gratitude.

In an effort to encourage acts of recognition this Veterans Day, philanthropic business Products for Good has compiled 10 simple tips to honor those who have served.

1. Acknowledge active members of the military by sending a thank-you to troops overseas via a tweet! Tweets using the #wearegrateful hashtag are screened and printed onto postcards distributed to troops worldwide.

2. Spend time volunteering at a local VA Medical Center. A small amount of time can make a big difference. Sign up here: http://www.volunteer.va.gov/apps/VolunteerNow/ .

3. Take a five-minute break from your daily routine to personally thank a co-worker, neighbor or loved one who is a veteran. A heartfelt thank you accompanied by a smile may just make their day.

4. Not every veteran is lucky enough to have someone at home to honor and thank them for their service. Products for Good launched the Honor One in a Million Project to change that. When you buy a coin from the Honor One in a Million Project, the coin is hand-delivered to a veteran under VA care. Each coin comes with the opportunity for you to personalize a note to the recipient thanking them for their service. In turn, you will receive a letter confirming the receipt of your gift. Learn more here http://bit.ly/ajJDJi.

5. Take advantage of the Veterans Day holiday to teach kids about our nation's history and sacrifices of those who have served. For a listing of fun, kid-friendly activities, visit http://www4.va.gov/kids/.

6. Plan a trip to Washington, D.C. to partake in national Veterans Day events or check out your local news and chamber of commerce community calendars to learn about parades and events in your area.

7. Bring patriotic-themed baked good or cards to a local retirement home and help staff distribute to veteran residents.

8. Change your Facebook status to honor a veteran in your life: Today I Honor and Thank (Rank, First Name, Last Name, Branch of Service). Don't know a veteran? Check out the Veterans History Project to find an individual to honor, http://bit.ly/cVw4OO.

9. There are 1.8 million female veterans in the U.S. Honor the women in your life who serve and the women who face their own battles at home as their loved ones serve.

10. Veterans Day is a great opportunity to give a loved one who has served an unexpected call. Have your kids call and thank a grandparent or cousin who has served, and you'll feel the appreciation through the phone.

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