Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Luck of the Irish?

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Paths Forward

- Play To Your Strengths We are all a mix of strengths and weaknesses. Yes, you can overcome weaknesses and I encourage you to do so. But you will make faster progress and get "luckier" if you focus more of your energy on what you're good at and build diligently on your strengths.

- Don't Over-Focus. Our Western business culture promotes single-mindedness and a driven work ethic. But lucky people have the habit or skill of creating, noticing and acting upon chance opportunities that others will miss if their noses are always firmly to the grindstone. To improve your luck lighten up a bit, take time to network regularly, scan the scenery as you push towards your goal, and try to be more open to new ideas and experiences.

- Bad Luck Isn't All Bad. One trait that lucky people share is that they don't let negative events overwhelm them. Yes, into each life some rain must fall but every storm isn't a catastrophic flood and the rain is usually good for the farmers. That's how lucky people think. They automatically think how things could have been worse, don't obsess on the negative and formulate a strategy to take control over the situation and move forward.

- Expect Good Luck. Do you expect your future to be bright or dark? Over time such expectations can become self-fulfilling prophecies. Expecting the positive helps lucky people overcome periodic setbacks. It also sets a positive tone for their interactions with others and, thus, positively affects the results they may achieve together. Optimism is a trait of lucky people and it is a trait that can be learned. (To help you develop this trait I strongly recommend you click here to learn more about Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life by Dr. Martin Seligman (Vintage Books).

May "The Luck of the Irish" (and everybody else) be with you.

LifeMap is about helping you become happier, more successful and, yes, even luckier.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
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