Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Natick Election Results

 Election 2011: The Votes Are In

See the results for today's election.
10:15 p.m.: After a long day of voting today, the unofficial results are in for the newly elected town officials. Town clerk Diane Packer said write-in votes and Town Meeting member votes were not yet counted as of 10 p.m. Tuesday.
For the two selectmen seats, Carol Gloff and Nicholas Mabardy have received the most votes, with Gloff earning 1,811 votes and Mabardy earning 2,513. Dr. Lawrence Delaney received 264 votes and Ted Wynne, who recently dropped out of the race, received 356 votes.
Voters chose Charlene Foss over Dr. Lawrence Delaney for the five-year seat on the Natick Housing authority and chose Jeanne Williamson Ostroff over Richard MacPherson for the two-year seat by a difference of only 157 votes.
Michael Fair and John Griffith received the most votes for two spots for Recreation and Parks.
Only positions on the board of selectmen, recreation and parks commission, housing authority and precinct five town meeting were contested races. (For the preliminary results for Town Meeting, click here.
Dirk Coburn, Amy Mistrot and Paul Laurent will serve on the school committee; Stephen Hansen will be a member on the board of assessors; Harold T. Garvey and James Lavezzo will serve as constables; Ian Wong will be a member of the board of health; Andrew Meyer and Peter Nottonson will serve on the planning board.
New Natick resident Philip Losier, who  moved to town about a year ago, said he was surprised to see that there were as many uncontested races on the ballot as there were. "I think it's not good. I'm from Waltham and we have races for dog catcher," he said after casting his vote at the Morse Institute Library Tuesday afternoon.
Precincts 1,2,4,7,8,9, and 10 all fell short of the maximum number of Town Meeting members that can serve in their area.
The town clerk's office reported that 3,084 out of 23,079 registered voters stopped at the polls Tuesday, with a turnout of 13.4 percent. 
Tuesday afternoon, many Natick residents agreed that the turnout seemed to weaker than in previous years.
"I'm a little disappointed and I'm not surprised. There's not a big ballot question like when you have something like the high school or you have an override," said Natick resident Firkins Reed this afternoon regarding the turnout.
"But our votes do count and I think that some of the lesser known races, for example, Housing authority—they're really really important to the town and I think more people are learning about the Housing Authority as one example in how important it is to get informed and vote."

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