Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spike TV Does Makovers on 2 Framingham Resturants

Have You Had a Meal at The Bone? Octane Bar & Grill?

You may have eaten at both. Spike TV this month gave both The Chicken Bone and Angry Ham's Garage new names, menus and decor. Stop by and check out the "new" establishments yourself.

Two local restaurants/bars this month were given a full makeover, thanks to Spike TV.

Last week, The Chicken Bone closed for 48 hours and re-opened as The Bone. Saturday night, the Angry Ham's Garage closed and reopened Monday night as Angry Ham's Octane Bar & Grill.

Spike TV was in town for two weeks filming two episodes of its new series Bar Rescue, which gives failing nightlife establishments one last chance at success.

The new reality TV show will have its premiere Sunday, July 17, at 10 p.m. There is not an air date yet for The Bone episode, although there was talk of August. There is no air date yet for Octane either.

Each local establishment had a party to celebrate its last night in its old look and the the place was closed early so Jon Taffer, one of the country's top restaurant and bar consultants, could work his magic. Taffer delves into every business facet of running a bar, from creating a profitable drink/food menu, to music selection, to managing crowds as well as dealing with disgruntled employees, according to Spike TV. The makeover is done in about 48 hours

There were lines of people oustide of both The Bone (June 18) and Octane (June 27) looking to see how the establishments had changed. Many in line were hungry for the new menus.

The Bone still serves its signature chicken wings. Part of the makeover, included a new $10,000 fryer, which in many patron's opinions made the wings plumper and jucier. Chicken wings are also served on new trays, which capture the bones via a hole underneath the tray. And the beer taps were improved so the beer is between 8-10 degrees colder, said one of the producers.

Angry Ham's Octane Bar & Grill still served burgers and pizza, but added a Signature "Ham" Burger, which features an 8-ounce Angus burger topped with a thick slice of maple ham, cheddar and Boston Baked beans on a toasted ciabatta.

Patrons were enjoying wings and also the new Nitrous Fries, a tower of hand-cut fries layered with green onions, pepperoni and mozarella.

The thin crush pizza is created your own with 8-inch, 12-inch and 20-inch sizes. Lots of appetizers to choose from, but if you can't decide there is a sampler called The Oil Change Platter, featuring four of them.

For dessert, there is just one on the menu. Called a Doughnut Burnout with Mocha Grease, it features chocolate and yellow-glazed doughnuts stacked up like tires with scoops of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with coffee-chocolate sauce. Too much for one person, but great for four women to share.

Regulars at both establishments gave mixed reviews on the decor.

At The Bone, many were disappointed to see the mural gone. (It was taken down but not destroyed, according to the owner.) At Octane, regulars and newcomers were pleased with the new wall murals.

On reveal night at both places, many regulars were unhappy with the bright lights, due to TV filming, no sports on the television, due to licensing issues, and no live bands or music playing, again due to licensing issues.

At The Bone, a new floor was installed. That was a hit with everyone.

Octane had new retro, red padding added to its existing wooden booths—a hit with everyone.

Both locations have new logos and signs, to go with the new name.

The Bone, features a silhouette of a blue chicken playing a trombone. Octane has a pig in a roadster, but a much gentlier pig caricature than the one it opened with about a year ago.

Patrons loved the new light fixturs at Octane, as well as the retro gas station pump in the middle of the dining room floor. Bar area patrons liked that bar was pretty much the same and many commented on the giant waitress caricature on the outside of the building.


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