Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tradition Wins: The Natick "Mall" Returns

The Natick Collection has announced that it will change its name back to the "Natick Mall" and return to tradition.

By Alissa Letkowski

July 15, 2011

When the new addition was built at Natick Collection in 2007, introducing high-end store such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstom, the "Natick Mall" name had a makeover of its own.

Since then, the largest mall in New England has been known as "Natick Collection," to the dismay of many locals who were uncomfortable with the change. But this month, the 200-store retail landmark has begun its transition back to its nostalgic name.

"For no other reason but to acknowledge tradition, we have returned to referring to the shopping center as Natick Mall. Tradition is important to us," said senior marketing manager Allyson Reed.

"Many of our shoppers have grown up shopping here and have always referred to us as Natick Mall. Our retailers refer to us as Natick Mall. It is a name and a tradition about which we are very proud.”

Although Reed said the signage changes outside the mall will be gradual, there are already signs that the tradition is returning.

A visit to the old website, automatically bumps one to and the voicemail system now refers to the Natick Mall.

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