Monday, July 9, 2012

Keeping your Bathroom Clean and Organized

Posted by Ed Hughes

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms each day, but sometimes these small rooms get neglected. Cleaning products, personal care products, linens and towels, dirty laundry, medications, etc. all take up space in our bathrooms. Here are some tips on keeping your bathroom clean and organized:

Clean your shower and/or tub while you’re taking a shower. There are many products available that allow you to skip the scrubbing and just spray after you’ve taken a shower.

Keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom. Having these items available will help you keep your bathroom clean and save time.

Use small baskets or containers to store small items such as hair accessories, makeup, nail clippers, nail polish, etc. This will reduce the amount of clutter and keep items from shifting around the drawers.

Clean out your makeup collection often. Makeup has a shelf life. Any makeup older than 6 months has likely expired and is no longer considered hygienically clean.

Use a shower caddy to organize body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, razors, etc. They are easy to use, generally just hang over the showerhead, and are inexpensive.

Have a storage container for toilet paper in each bathroom.

If you don’t use it daily, don’t store it on the counter. Reduce clutter by only placing items you use each day on the counter.

Roll, instead of fold, towels for maximum storage.

Place hooks on the back of the bathroom door for towels and robes

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