Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Make the Home Inspection Less Spooky

Buying a home is exhilarating. It is not only a time of excitement and joy, but also a time for making decisions and to-do lists. The home inspection is a very important step during that process. But for some reason, it is a step that can give some buyers—and even some seasoned real estate agents—an awful fright! So, in honor of Halloween, here are Five Ways to Make the Home Inspection Less Spooky!

The Spook. Home inspections are scary!

The Scoop: They  are only scary if you let inspection myths control your experience. The truth is, inspectors aren't scary people and they are there to educate, not get you shaking in your boots. What makes home inspections scary for some people, is actually past experiences, previous disappointments or just plain nerves. The good news is that most of that can be helped by simply choosing the right inspector. The rest can be helped by acknowledging the concerns you may have. If it's your first home, it's OK to be nervous. If you've had past inspections not go as you liked, it's also okay to say hey, this is a different house and a different inspection—everything is gonna be okay.

The Spook: Maybe this house is more work than I thought!

The Scoop: You might see the house differently on inspection day, than you ever have before. The home inspection is often the first time you will look at the house more “analytically” instead of “emotionally.” It can be a difficult shift if you are not prepared for the step-by-step evaluation of the house. But if you are prepared for the slight change of perspective that the home inspection may bring, the process becomes much easier.

The Spook: The house is not perfect anymore!

The Scoop: Ok, but rest assured, there is no such thing as a perfect house. Prepare for the fact that some defects may be found in the house, but keep in mind that every house—even a new house—has some. The inspection report and the inspector will help distinguish between big problems and small ones. Ask questions during the inspection. Think about your concerns and needs prior to that day and make sure you get the answers you require. 
The Spook: The house is great, but the report still mentions a lot about required maintenance!

The Scoop: Buying a home is similar to buying a pre-owned car. One must always expect maintenance and some unexpected repairs. No inspection can completely eliminate all risks, and all homes require maintenance, repair, and care. It is important to be comfortable with this concept prior to the inspection day experience—especially for those who have never owned a home before.

The Spook: For what they are asking for this house, it should have been flawless!
The Scoop: Unfortunately, home price and home condition do not go hand-in-hand. Price has much more to do with location and the market conditions than anything else. After all, even million-dollar homes have defects. So no matter what the purchase price, avoid falling into the trap of expecting a flawless house.

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