Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

  • To ensure efficient operation, check filters every month. Clean or replace as needed.
  • Have annual system maintenance service performed one month before the cooling season begins.
  • Keep the condensing unit free of debris.
  • Trim shrubs and plants near condensing unit to ensure proper air flow/circulation.
  • Bent condensing unit fins can be straightened with a fine comb.

Air Conditioning Quick Fixes

Problem: Water leaks into the walls or ceiling.
  • Make sure the drain line is not restricted and condensation drains freely.

Problem: Unit constantly cycles on and off.
  • Call a qualified professional to clean the evaporator unit and fan.

Problem: Air conditioner doesn't make air cold enough.
  • Keep area around the exterior condensing unit clear of leaves, bushes and other obstructions to ensure adequate airflow.
  • Clean or replace air filter.
  • Create shade for the unit.
  • Secure the insulation firmly to the suction line (large line) and replace any worn-out insulation.

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