Saturday, April 20, 2013

Get Your Cabinets Organized

Make the most of your kitchen storage space

Most people use their kitchens multiple times each day. Your kitchen cabinets are opened and closed more times than you can count. Having your kitchen cabinets organized makes it easier for everyone to find what they need in a timely manner.
Get rid of it
The very first thing to do is to take absolutely everything out of every kitchen cupboard and put it either on a table or on another surface where you can go through it all.
Why? Because chances are you are storing a number of things in your kitchen cupboards that you don’t need or that should be stored elsewhere. Weed out those items and either store them where they should be stored, throw them out or give them away.
While it may not help organization, it will make your cupboards more inviting if they are clean. Get a bucket of soapy water and a rag and wipe down the cupboards.
Like items
For those using the cupboards, whether frequently or infrequently, it helps to keep like items together. That easy enough for glassware, plates, serving pieces and other utensils, but what about food and ingredients?
What can help in that situation is to take like food items and put them in separate small bins. For example, put all baking items such as flour, baking soda, baking powder and the like in a covered container — like a small tub — and label it “baking supplies.”
Depending on the size of the bins, you can stack them on a shelf, giving you more storage room in your cupboards.
Canned goods shelf
It’s natural to want to stack canned goods on top of each other on a cupboard shelf. While that may initially seem like a good idea, what you end up with are rows of stacked cans where you can see what you have in the front row, but not in the back.
The solution to this challenge is to use a tiered shelf organizer to store canned goods. That way you can see everything without having to empty the shelf.
Deep cabinets
While they can store a lot, deep kitchen cabinets don’t help if you can’t see what is in the back. Installing sliding drawers in these cabinets can help you see everything at a glance.
The door and wall
Don’t overlook a cabinet or pantry door or wall for storage. A door rack on a pantry door can hold frequently used items. A wall rack can make use of what could be wasted space in a cupboard.
Take a good look at your cupboards, and with a little thought and elbow grease, you can make optimal use of your cupboards and nothing gets lost.

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